The Canoe Optimized Workflow Step 5: Data Delivery

This article is part five of a five-part series covering each aspect of the Canoe Optimized Workflow. The Canoe Optimized Workflow is a roadmap for any organization investing in or allocating to alternative investments to unlock new efficiencies and reimagine their operational processes by leveraging a combination of breakthrough technology and industry expertise.

Streamlined Data Delivery to Downstream Systems 

After all of your relevant data is extractedvalidated, and normalized, the final step in the Canoe Optimized Workflow is ensuring that those data points can be used for additional analysis within downstream systems. 

You may run client reporting through systems like Investment Metrics, utilize an analytics tool like Solovis or Caissa for deeper insights for the Investment Team, and leverage AddeparBlack Diamond, or Tamarac for performance and accounting analysis. 

Historically, many challenges arise in populating the data into these systems at scale. The primary obstacle we see our clients facing is the manual data entry associated with feeding multiple internal and external systems. Oftentimes, unnecessary, duplicative work is involved to push relevant data into several locations. Moreover, most systems require the data to be formatted in highly specialized ways, making each bulk upload format bespoke and un-transferable. 

More Accurate Delivery to Every System is Possible

With Canoe, you can enjoy a system-agnostic interface that allows for seamless data delivery via API or pre-built upload compatibility to reporting platforms, accounting systems, analytics engines, internal data warehouses, and other locations.

Leverage Platform Agnostic Approach to Feed Multiple Systems

Centralizing the data collection and normalization in one location allows for significant economies of scale in populating data from documents into multiple external and internal end-points in a matter of clicks. No longer do you need to manually input data into multiple templates or follow bespoke formats as Canoe manages this translation and formatting step for you.

Advanced Technical Compatibility Across Multiple Formats

Canoe ingests and digitizes your data, making it deliverable via a flat, pre-configured upload format, or data API to your relevant downstream systems. This provides you and your downstream partners’ flexibility around the data population process and ensures that the data arrives in the relevant system, in the right format, as expected.

Upgrade Legacy Systems with Ease

Ease the conversion to other systems without any overwhelming transition process, particularly related to historical data and audit trails. With Canoe, you have ultimate portability and flexibility, enabling you to migrate to the system that best suits your needs, without worrying about laborious conversions and onboardings.